August 31, 2007

Labor, Plumbing, Nerdliness, and shameless self promotion

This post is a tribute to my friend Jean Yates awesome blog because I love how she very humorously talks about all the things on her mind, however random they may seem. They are probably not random at all actually in the big picture, and the more I read her blog, the more I realize this. Ok, so here are the things in my head right now:

First, the plumbing is fixed! The yard is put back together and the water rushes through the house at an amazing pace now! YAY for indoor plumbing, and for no sewage backups in the basement! So as I spent most of the last two days cooped up in the house, trying to work but distracted by the large machinery in the front yard, and trying to ignore my bladder when the water was off, I was optimistically humming these Alanis Morrissette song lyrics, "the only way Out is Through..." That's kinda sick, isn't it? I am sure she wasn't singing about plumbing on that one. It's actually one of my favorite relationship songs from her, very optimistic really. So anyway, I looked it up on You Tube to share, and what did I find? A melodramatic video of Scully and Mulder from the X-Files, set to the song. Ok, good enough for me!

Geez, wasn't that a great show? I mean, the individual stories were great, the wide plot was great, how can you not love David Duchovney? And the romantic tension between the two was incredible. Really, one of my favorite shows, although I do remember feeling it jumped the shark a bit at the end, I don't remember when. I remember a movie in the mix. But I haven't thought about it in a while, and seeing the video made me long for those great alien hunting days.

Speaking of aliens... and plumbing...yes, the two do go together...

Whenever we have a water crunch, which we have had lately, since this plumbing issue has actually been haunting us for months now, I think of Neelix from Star Trek Voyager. Yeah, I am a nerd, I'll go there. When Neelix was rescued by Voyager, it was from a planet where water was scarce, a rare commodity. There is this great scene, where Neelix discovers that water is plentiful upon arriving on the starship, and he's found in his quarters submerged in a bathtub I think, splashing around like a child, and pouring water like it was champagne. I actually remember him making one of those champagne glass pyramids that you see at fancy weddings and pouring water from that. But that could just be my memory and I couldn't find a clip online, which surprised me, so I might be making that up. I thought of this moment because when the trucks drove away and he had signed that big old check, Chuck declared that he was going to run the laundry AND take a shower at the same time! Not that we advocate rampant misuse and wasting of water, its just that we have had to plan carefully our laundry/ showers/ dishwashing/ flushing for months now, and it is very freeing to be able to celebrate the wonders of functional plumbing again.

So some final thoughts on plumbing is that I was very impressed by the work our plumbers did. What hard, ugly work. They were very professional, communicative, hard working, and thorough. If any of you are in Metro Detroit and need plumbers, we recommend the Nelson Brothers Plumbing. I believe in giving credit for work well done, so there it is. And with Labor Day this weekend, I am mindful of all the workers who work so hard, in difficult conditions. We have a really very privileged life as artists, so I have always appreciated those who labor so hard for the things that make our lives great.

And in celebration of Labor Day Weekend, I am having a rare sale on the website, until Monday, September 3rd, midnight EST. You can take 20% off your entire purchase on retail sales placed in the usa with the code: LaborLove

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Congratulations on getting through the plumbing nightmare! It sounds as if you're already enjoying the benefits of the work. The whole water shortage theme reminds me of Frank Herbert's _Dune_.

    Ooh, I loved the X-Files, too (love the phrase "jumped the shark"), especially the cockroach episode and the other humorous ones by that one writer whose name completely escapes me.

    Very excited about your sale, but there're are too many choices! I can't decide what to order. A happy problem to have!

  2. Oh, Chuck is really into Dune and Herbert. I just saw the movie with Sting and Kyle.

    I am trying to remember the cockroach episode...I can't really remember specific episodes, just the series as a whole. I think they rerun it on the SciFi channel...I'll have to try to catch it again.

  3. Anything with Neeix and nerds in it has my name all over it.

    Melanie, thank you! You've got my number!

    "Space...the final frontier..." etc. Yayay!<--I would give you an opening quote from Voyager but they don't have one!

  4. Jean, yes, we are both pretty nerdy. I was a big Voyager fan and I loved Next Generation too. Chuck is into old school Trek and DS9. Its just part of liife around here. Neither of us got into the newest trek though.

    I love Neelix and Kess, and the holographic doctor, and Chakotay. They were all such great characters. And Data I love so much in TNG.

    I know! Don't you miss the cheesy opening quotes and bongos of the original Trek in the newer series?

  5. Ha hah Melanie--I just read everthing in your blog and ended up back here! You have left out HARRY! I love HARRY! whenever Voyager is on, I say to Jim, "I LOVE Harry!" and Jim says, "Yes, but what about Chakotay?"

  6. Jean, lol! Really, Harry? I never was too interested in him. I can't think of any really memorable things, but he was always around. I remember Tom Parris, but he was really boring to me.

    Oh now I remember the Klingon chick. She was pretty cool. Oh and seven of nine was in Vger, too right? Man, I miss that show...