August 29, 2007

A hole in my heart (well, in my front yard)

sigh...a pic of our front yard being dug up...

a pic of the current state of the house for the evening...

And some mid-day madness from Cyndy Lauper. A totally crazy, over the top video for Hole in my Heart (that goes all the way to China) complete*WITH* terrible clips from the movie Vibes with Jeff Goldblum. I forgot all about that one! A little bit of random craziness that makes me laugh, because on a day like this, one can only laugh or cry, right? I will laugh.

good night!


  1. So sorry to hear of your plumbing woes. I know what you mean about old houses. I was pregnant when we moved to our current house (built in the 1920s) - two of the basement walls had to be replaced, and the floor put back to level. We expected this work, but the vibrations from all of it caused a knock on effect which resulted in all of the water pipes in the basement needing to be replaced and ended with all of the sewer pipes under the house collapsing a week before the baby arrived. In retrospect, I'm so grateful that it happened before and not after his arrival, but, oy, we didn't enjoy going through that!

    Hang in there!

  2. Melissa,
    oh, your house is older too! Ours is from 1939, I don't know if I mentioned. That sounds terrible! AND while you were pregnant? horrible!

    I know it is terrible, but I am getting all these horror stories and it makes me realize that our situation is really not as bad as it could be. That helps a lot actually. Puts it in perspective, you know?

    But sorry for what you want through, anyway...