August 21, 2007

Fantastic Place

We have returned from Gen Con and are slowly easing back into work. Yesterday was rough, filled with errands and trying to catch up on emails, while also randomly falling into naps throughout the day.

The show was a success. Chuck got to meet with lots of important contacts and also spend some time with his illustrator peers. I got to connect with some new and old friends and had some great conversations. And always, watching the gamers is an excellent passtime for me as well. Like a little vacation, even!

I have much to say, but not much time today. I will blog about this all this week. I am pleased to report that I think I have found the inspiration for my next series of work, which is something that I was very much hoping to discover. More on that later...

For now, here are links to some of the illustrators and artists we spent our time with for the past few days. Beware...these links will take you to fantastic places filled with fairies, dragons, monsters, and all sorts of amazing things:

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  1. now this rocks! I will have my hands full tonight!