August 28, 2007

False, Outrageous Declarations!

I vaguely recall making loud, bold declarations in the past year like "I am never making tile again!" and "I am *so* over tiles!". Chuck has reminded me that I have made these outrageous statements on several occasions, and I think he just rolled his eyes at me at the time. Am I really so transparent?

Because now that I have returned from GenCon, I am newly inspired to design new tiles. I haven't made new ones in a while, years actually (which I think is part of the reason I have been frustrated with them...I am bored of the old designs). I have been feeling the need to work bigger and to carve. When I designed my first series of tiles, I think I was gearing up for a holiday season and I needed new products, and lots of them. I carved about 8 tile designs in a matter of a few weeks, and made the molds. It was a creative frenzy at the time, and I remember it being very fulfilling.

But things have to be different this time, and I have to work smarter. I will be writing about that tomorrow, my justifications to myself about making tile again (even though I was so against it just weeks ago) and my game plan. I need to sort things out in my head a little bit. Above, I have posted a set of my old tiles, the Butterfly Girls. I will be making this design again, but the colors will change (the glaze choices shown above are another reason for frustration on the last run of tiles...more about that tomorrow too)

For today, it is a day of dreadful *real life* stuff. I need to leave the house with the dog so Chuck can have some plumbers over. Our old house's waterworks have not been happy lately, making for short showers and a giant pile of laundry undone on the floor. We haven't been able to run much water, for fear of the sound of the burping and bubbling in the basement, and the horror of water and yuckies flowing up the basement drain. Yuck! So I am off for the day, spending time with the parents, running errands, going to the library. Toodles!

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