August 6, 2007

Dreams and Moons

Today I am feeling a bit tired still, and have much work to do, so I will post a quick one today. Just to reflect a little bit of what I am thinking about and what I am settingout to learn about today. Isn't it a good goal to learn at least one new thing a day?

As you may recall, I am thinking this month about the challenge theme at Art Bead Scene, and one of my musical inspirations for the month is the 1980's band Dream Academy. Now, I had the whole collection of original Dream Academy US releases on vinyl and cassette. I believe there were 3 major releases. But I needed to modernize. I-pod, baby! So I bought the first album on I tunes, the only one they had, and ordered the rest on CD, so I should get those next week.

I gave the first album a couple of good listens yesterday, and there are a few gems. Of course, the above song, Life in a Northern Town, is their most famous song. The sort of sad, retrospective lyrics and music take me right back to my youth in the 80's every time I hear it, even though it was obviously written about the 60's. I didn't know until recently that it was about Nick Drake. Here is a sweet interview with Dream Academy, from the old days of MTV. They talk about their classical influences and instrumentation. Geez, remember when MTV was informative and thoughtful and introspective? And about *music*?

I actually don't know much about Nick Drake at all, mostly I just know the beautiful song below, Pink Moon. So today I will read up on Nick Drake a bit, to learn more. Please enjoy these two songs for now, and I will write more tomorrow...

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