August 12, 2007

Dream State

Just a quick post today. I watched a film last night that I really enjoyed called the Science of Sleep. You can see the film trailer above. My brother lent it to me thinking I would like it and I did! It was surreal and sort of sad, but beautiful and thoughtful. And as I am thinking about dreams lately, it was perfectly timed. Today I want to learn a little bit more about dreams, and perhaps techniques for inducing them. My nights are mostly dreamless, unfortunately. I will write more about it tomorrow.

And I have not had much luck finding Dream Academy music or video clips of the songs I want to share, so here is one of the only ones I could find, The Love Parade. I did get my CDs in the mail, so I am happily enjoying the full Dream Academy experience. It is good background music for thinking about the dream state, and for gettign work done. Today I will be glazing, which is slow and tedious work, that requires little thought, so some good music will help me through. Have a good Sunday...


  1. Melanie,

    You're not going to believe this, but we have Science of Sleep at home right now (Netflix). We haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    First Nick Drake, now this. What a strange coincidence!


  2. Oh I think you will like it! I want to watch it again with Chuck. I wish I had the whole dvd with the extras...I gotta get that from my brother.