August 4, 2007

Control X

I am sort of in EDIT mode lately. I have been getting steady orders, which is great, but it makes me realize how vast my catalog is and just how many options I have available. It makes me crazy a little. Of course, this is exactly what I wanted when I set out to design my web store...the ability for customers to order my items to suit their style. But I am feeling a little "be careful what you wish for" now that it is in reality. I would love to be able to keep some items in stock, bisqued, so that I could just glaze to order, but there are so many things that seems to be impossible.

SoI am thinking hard about the things that I love to make, the things that I like to make that are good sellers, the things that I don't enjoy making, and the poor sellers. And I am weighing those qualities and editing the catalog accordingly. My fear is that I will someday cut something that people love, but I just need to jump in and do it to make my process a bit easier. Anyway, my customers are never shy about asking for something they had seen or ordered before and want again, and I am almost always happy to oblige.

Now of course, as I cut things, it releases a sigh of relief, but it also seems that for every item I cut, a new idea pops into my head to replace it. I think this is just how I work, I am always wanting to work on the next new thing. But keeping the catalog allows me to be able to keep orders flowing as I develop the next thing, work on the details of it, and test it out a little. I have never been one to want to make totally one of a kind things, each different than the rest. The fun and challenge for me is in the designing for production. I know that sounds strange for OOAK beadmakers, but I don't like the constant process of designing, experimenting, and marketing individual items. My need to design and market new things comes along occasionally, and I only have the energy and time to do it a few times during the year, usually in a new series or line of beads.

So anyway, if you happen to be looking around the site and see something missing, it usually means that I am up to something new, so keep an eye out for something to pop up to take the place of the edited item soon!


  1. That is one cool bead Melanie! What a statement a beader could make combining this Roboto Heart Bead with one or your Wicked Spiked Heart Beads in a pair of earrings. "Look our world I'm coming through!"

  2. What great use of the hi temp wire. I also LOVE your little cherries with the leaf and metal stem!