August 24, 2007

The Beholder

Here is a picture of our set up at Gen Con. We got two panels that Chuck could hang his art on as well as a table. On the table (from L to R) is a book of original sketches/black and white for sale, a box of prints, a box of original paintings, some buttons, tiles, and at the end some trays of my necklaces, wrapped in little mylar bags. Postcards/business cards laid out in front.

Although we intended to sell the eyeball buttons for $1 each, I don't think we sold a single one! They were too much fun to give away. So we gave pairs to many of the artists, who wore them on their badges, on the back of their baseball caps, across their chests...all sorts of fun places! We would give them as a reward to people with great costumes, or to anyone who stopped by and had a conversation with us for a while. Oh, and to kids who were having fun and were in awe of all the artwork. There were a lot of aspiring artists at all levels, and it was great to meet them, inspired and full of wonder. The buttons were a great promo idea and I am so glad we did them. Next year we need to do them again in another color, and I think Chuck needs a big sign for his booth with the eyeball/name logo to tie it all together.
The sales traffic was odd. We didn't sell much in the first three days, so we were getting a little nervous. We didn't have a lot of time before the show to get the big marketing machine going, we were lucky to just finish up the tasks at hand. Chucks main goal was to finish the jobs that were due before we left, and to get materials ready for his meetings with Art Directors, so the sales parts took a back seat. Of course, I am always ready to whip up some jewelry, and that usually helps. I made a bunch of my new spookyheads and punk rock hearts and they went over well.

On Sunday though, all the big sales went down. We sold a lot of original art Sunday, and it was constantly busy. I think buyers scoped the show and thought about it all weekend (and budgeted after buying their gaming items) for fine art. One great thing was that we saw several people from last year who had bought originals, and this year many of them bought again. It was nice to see a following start! Chuck is collectible!

I was sad to see the original Beholder go. You can see him in the top picture, on the wall, far left bottom. For a closer look, click here, but I warn you, he's SCARY! I love him and will miss him. He did go to a good home though, the guy was very excited and bough another painting and sketch too. I think I better go and steal a Beholder print from the stash...I think I need his big ole eyeball staring at me in my studio.

I have a sweet story to share about returning fans too...My favorite story was from a gal who came by the booth. I remembered her from last year because she was dressed real cool and kinda punky. Anyway, I asked if we had met last year and she mentioned that she and her hubby had bought some things from us, including a painting. She had a stroller with her and a little baby in it, and I asked if this was her little one, and that I didn't remember her having a child last year. She said that her baby was sort of *made* at Gen Con last year! awww... Also she told me that the elf baby painting of Chuck's that they bought last year, formed the basis of their whole nursery! I thought that was such a sweet story...they were a total gamer geek family! It was neat to be a little part of that with our artworks.


  1. The booth looks great! The crowd seems a little differnt from beaders!

  2. Oh yes, it's sooo different! The bead shows are like 90% women, wouldn't you say? and this was almost all guys.

    The art show part was similiar to a bead show, in that there were artists all around, and the attendees were very interested in art, but since original art is so expensive, the sales atmosphere isn't the same. Not good or bad, just different...more about the art.

  3. I love the baby story! Too cute!