July 3, 2007

Wrangling the tangles

oop! I have been out of sight for a few days. I had a little crunch to get some things shipped before tomorrow's holiday. It is hard when a day off falls mid week. I got my sets of beads made and shipped for the photographer for the book project that I am submitting to. I am excited to see what he does. I am really kind of cutting it close with time, but I was really blocked to finish this up. I feel relieved now that it is out of my hands.

I feel as if I have more of a hold of all the tangled bits of unfinished orders and projects I have been working on. Although I will try to rest some tomorrow for the holiday, I will probably end up glazing and working on finishing up these orders. I would like more of a clean slate so I can spend some time stringing! I am dying to get to my bead desk, which I cleaned off and am ready to trash again. I just finished thinking about spring projects...you can see the bead soup I had above with the aqua and yellows. The next set of things is for winter, so I have darker colors in mind.

Time to do one of my least favorite tasks...sanding greenware. I have to get those beads ready for the kiln so I can bisque tonight and glaze tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some time to play with stringy things tonight.

Speaking of stringy things, I have enjoyed this song and video by the Feeling called "Sewn". I like the song, but it's the video just sucks me in every time... its creepy and beautiful. Any other 80's music fans out there who thinks the lead singer looks *just* like the singer Falco (remember Rock me Amadeus...)?

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