July 30, 2007

Where's Bongo?: obsession with minutiae

Following up a little from yesterday's post about the details of one's landscape, I came across this cartoon that I have been saving for many, many years. The cartoon is Life in Hell, by Mat Groening, and must have been published sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. I clipped it from an issue of the Metro Times.

I hope you can see the point in this cartoon...can you find Bongo and see what he is doing? (click to see it bigger) I have always identified with him this cartoon. I tend to be afraid of crowds a bit too, so If I was a participant in such a big group gathering, chances are I would be doing the very same thing.

Remembering this cartoon is timely too, with the big Simpson's movie coming out. I don't think I have mentioned on the blog that I love the Simpsons. They are such a part of our lives, it seems silly to mention. They are like good friends that are always there to provide thoughtful entertainment, and a well needed, good laugh. They are reliable and comforting...their insanity is somehow able to put my sanity in check each episode. I am excited about the movie. I am a lifelong Groening fan...I loved the whole Life in Hell series, pre-Simpsons, and I remember the old, original Simpsons on the Tracy Ullman show. I am amazed that the series has remained good, throughout the years, with all the marketing, and with the development of Fox. It is really remarkable.

I have heard a phrase "God is in the details", and while I am not usually attracted to language of a specific religious nature like that, I do enjoy the phrase. To me it means, that the whole of nature, earth and the cosmos is condensed in the smallest details of nature. And taken out of a natural context when describing man, I take it to mean that all of humanity is in the details of the handmade. Sometimes it is the tiniest, minutiae that can move one's entire soul and spirit, and can remind one of their place in the universe.

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