July 6, 2007

oh, crystal ball...

I am feeling a little moody today, perhaps a little pensive and melancholy. I am not feeling totally well this morning, physically, somewhat achy. Just a little unsure of the future. Confused by the present. Too aware of the past. Don't you wish sometimes you had a crystal ball to guide you? Nah, that would be cheating! Still, some guidance could help. But perhaps the best place to look is inward.

I still haven't made it to my beading desk, and I have declared that this weekend is a full beading weekend. So I am gathering up some visual imagery in my mind, and I am still stuck on thoughts of the sea. But not the beach and sunshine of the seaside. Rather thoughts of the raw ocean, the tides, the darkness of night time and nature. Not depressing thoughts as much, just more Ephemeral.

Here is a song that sums up my mood today. Keane's "Crystal Ball". I adore Keane, and this song is especially poignant today. "I lost my heart, I buried it too deep, under the iron sea..."