July 21, 2007

Oh, Canada

We have returned from vacation, and I am feeling much better than when we left. The two weeks before we left were very emotional and busy and somewhat disastrous, and I had a bit of a breakdown. While away, I rested much, slept much, and did no work...it was very enjoyable. I have many, many things to do now, but I am going to take it slow and try not to have another breakdown, at least not for a long while!

So I was pretty vague about where we were going, but i will tell now that we have returned. We travelled to our favorite little getaway, about 3 hours east over the border into Canada: Stratford, Ontario. Stratford has a Shakespeare festival of sorts every summer. It is actually not so much a festival the way I would think of a festival usually, but the whole town is Shakespeare themed and there are constant performances in theatres around town. Incredibly acted performances by some of the best actors, often with amazing costuming. We saw Othello and Merchant of Venice. There are yummy places to eat and a lovely river that runs through the town, filled with swans and Canadian geese. We spend much time just walking along the river and watching the birds. We stay at a quaint B&B and have quiet mornings with french toast and quiche for breakfast, and evenings with wine and chocolate. It is a very different pace that what we are used to.

Perhaps I will tell more of our tales in the next few days, but I will leave you with "why I love Canada, in a nutshell". This quote below, was penned by a Canadian author, and is printed ON the Canadian $20 bill. On their money! A quote by a female author about Art, is on their money! Awesome.

"Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?"
-writer Gabrielle Roy (1903-1983)


  1. Hm! Bad me - I totally rave about how gorgeous the currency in Australia is (printed on Tyvek paper, or something similar, too, so it has neato see-through windows as part of its security marking)... and I miss the quotes on our own. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  2. You are welcome. I took a close look as I was waiting in line to buy my delicious caramel dipped apple (rolled in toffee, too) and noticed the indigenous artwork designs on the bill, and I looked closer at the quote. We reas all the quotes of the bills we had after that, but I liked the $20 best. I am curious what is on the $100 and higher bills too...

    US money is so dull looking and cryptic. Like the wierd eye pyramid with the latin. I don't know what that is all about, and I don't think many others do either. I think its some old Masonic stuff.

  3. Welcome back! Glad you had a chance to relax and renew! Too often we are pressed...and force more on ourselves than necassary.
    Always good to take time and taste the chocolate :)

  4. Thank you Jessica. I really have been under a great deal of pressure lately and have come to realize that I need to let go of some projects to save my sanity. Fortunately, I guess, many of these projects causing me stress are self imposed ones and are outside the realm of the work I *need* to do, so the changes should not alter my personal life or career too much...

  5. Hi Melanie,

    I sympathize; only I'm not bright enough to get away for two weeks. I do find myself finally having to take a break from pushing myself...cuz life's too short...then I realize I have been pushing myself...cuz life's too short....... Round and round I go.LOL.

    GREAT to have you back.


  6. I agree, it's an endless cycle it seems...

  7. Hey you!!!
    Glad to have you back!!! We missed you! Sound like a cool vacation spot!
    Do you think that the US would ever put such a cool quote on our dollar bills???

  8. lovely quote. I gave you an award today! Jean

  9. No I don't believe the US would put such a cool quote on our money. I better not even get started on *that*!

    Jean, thanks for the award! You reminded me that I need to do the one you gave me before vacation too! I will work on both today...