July 9, 2007


My friend Jean Yates has had me thinking about Salvador Dali lately. I was fascinated with Surrealism in my youth, especially Dali. I haven't thought about it much in the last few years though. When I was in high school, I began a mural in my bedroom of the painting above, it was the full length of one whole wall. What kind of child is obsessed with Surrealism? I never quite finished because I did it in pastel, and there are a lot of very large fields of color there. It is a bizarre painting, with a bizarre title...something like: Dali, at the age of six, when he believed himself to be a young girl, lifting the edge of the ocean to observe a dog sleeping beneath. Or something. I don't know why I was so attracted to it, but I still find it beautiful and strange, and it is nice to remember it and think about it. I was thinking the other night about recent events, and this rememberance emerged clearly in my head.
I have decided to take some time off before my actual vacation. Mostly just to go off line a bit. A sabbatical from my involvement in all the groups and projects I usually throw myself entirely into. I have much to do this week: several projects to write and get shipped to magazines, a show to do, a trip to plan for, a pile of orders to finish, and a major shipping error to correct. Sometimes, things in life seem clear, but are really not transparent at all. Sometimes they are lurking behind hazy waves of expectations. Sometimes you need time to step back, peel away the layers and take a good clear look at the things that are important to really see them clearly. Perhaps that is what time away will do for me.


  1. Enjoy your sabatical. Dali RULES! Enjoy your break!

  2. very fascinating. I live a surreal life, essentially. I don't really think I quite understand how this affects me, because I only see who I am through my own eyes...but I do know there isn't much about my life that hasn't been dog sleeping under the ocean kind of stuff.


    I joke around, but it's true!


  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful post. I hope things go well and you have a great vacation.

  4. what is the title of this dali painting