July 7, 2007

Mystified, Heavy

The Siren by John William Waterhouse
I am starting early this morning on the *Weekend of Beading* with just a little inspiration. I still find myself drifting in sea imagery. I am thinking of the ancient ocean today, and its mythology. Poseidon and Sirens. I was fortunate to visit the ocean last summer, the Pacific Ocean while we were in Oregon. While it was beautiful, I found myself strangely amazed and also a bit fearful of it. The enormous expanse of it made me feel so tiny, like I was about to disappear. The mountains made me feel the same thing. I found myself at times overwhelmed by the greatness of Nature. It was gorgeous and inspiring, but it also haunted me.

I have always wanted to do a series of artworks inspired by lyrics of my favorite songs. I am going to work on a necklace today inspired "Mystified, Heavy" by Sam Roberts. I have no audio for you today, but go check out their website if you haven't heard of them. I love the imagery in the songs from Chemical City, I can listen to that album over and over. Here are the lyrics:

Mystified, Heavy by the Sam Roberts Band

Ooh, it's got me mystified, heavy now
Deep down to my soul
You try to keep the wheel steady now
Easy as she goes
I can hear on the wind
a tale that needs to be told again
The horizon bends at either end
and the sea can't tell a foe from a friend

I know it was only a dream
As delicate as a dragonfly wing

I was never satisfied with any life
'til she called my name
The air on the high ground was rarefied,
every day the same
And old fears were always near
but when we set sail they disappeared
There are those who fear the deep
but the world don't wait when your faith won't leap

And I know it was only a dream
As delicate as a dragonfly wing

Then we watched as the Southern Cross
led the sailors home, constellation borne
We set sail in a heavy gale
and to the sea many of us thrown
And there were times when my courage failed
but I never bowed to the storm
Whatever path you choose to walk,
in the end, you walk alone

Ooh, it's got me mystified heavy now
Tongue-tied to the anchor chain
You try to keep your hand steady now
But it slips again
And landfall surprised us all and
she broke on the rocks like a china doll
You can hear the siren call for the last dance at Poseidon's Ball

I know it was only a dream
As delicate a dragonfly wing
I hope it was only a dream
As delicate as a dragonfly wing

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