July 15, 2007

Girls (and Women) Rock, indeed!

A Girls Rock sticker, one of many wonderful girl empowering products by Ariel of Sticker Sisters, a new friend I made at the NOW conference this weekend

I just wanted to make a quick post about the NOW conference I exhibited at this weekend. I was there with my friend Stephanie of M'Lou is Pink. She was showing her wonderful altered, recycled paper art books and tags and artworks, and I set up a small display of jewelry, beads, and tiles in her booth. I am happy to say that I thik it was successful for both of us, both business wise and personally.

Of course, we both ended up buying many great goodies from the other vendors, which bites into the bottom line. But there were so many great t-shirts and books, and buttons, all with a political or woman-friendly angle that I love. My favorite booth was the Sticker Sisters booth (image shown above) filled with the cutest girl empowering images with a really fun hip twist to the designs.

While I did not get to attend the workshops and only sat in on a few of the lectures, I talked with many women about the conference and the issues that concerned them. I recognize that I am very much not up to date on many issues, and don't know a lot about what is going on in the world of women. I mean, I identify as a feminist and a humanist, and I have for a long time, but I have been unaware of many of the details.

So now that the weekend is done, I am a card carrying member of NOW, and I am greatly inspired to learn more and get involved. I met so many different kinds of women and heard so many great stories about their lives, passions, families, and history. I have a new energy to better myself now, and some tools to become more active.

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