July 23, 2007

awards and other random goodness

I have many blog ideas today, based on recent events. These include my trip to Stratford, the documentary about Dali that I saw this weekend, a fun Collaboration Exploration I did with Jean Yates and Cindy Gimbrone, and other random junk bouncing around in my head. But I have all week, right? So I think I will warm up with some awards that I have been recently granted (both by the fabulous Jean Yates, speak of the devil...) Here is the first award and my nominees. I will try to think outside of the box a little here in my nominations, so I am not bestowing them on someone who already has one.

Ok, first the Rockin Girl Blogger Award. Thanks for this one Jean. Its a fun and simple one...I will simply award it to five girls who I think rock! I am going to dig deep into my Indie craft blog links here, instead of my usual beady links. There are so many to choose from, but here are my picks:

Ariel at Sticker Sisters, a no brainer, especially since she has a whole line of goods about rockin' girls...I blogged about her a few posts ago

Lilie from A Planet 4 Creation, who makes super cute jewelry and purse charmers and paper goods and is an all around cool gal

Donna from One Little Monkey, sews the cutest, hippest clothes for babies and tots, and writes a snappy blog as well!

Mandi from Squeaky Queen Soap Lab, who has always struck me as a really rockin chick, who makes incredible soap products as well as a menagerie of strange and wonderful beasts.

Leslie from Pancake Meow, a girl after my own heart, who makes yummy snacky charms and pendants just like I do, but way more detailed and did I mention *scented*?

There you go, my nominees...pass it along if you wanna...