June 28, 2007

What I Know

Well, what can I say...I called it. I posted pictures of my tidy new beading desk less than a week ago, warning that I knew it wouldn't take long before I made a mess. And here is the state today, after a flurry of beading took place a few days ago. I guess I just thrive in creative chaos when if comes to beads. I did get two really neat submissions done that I really love, so I guess it's worth it.

I got loads done yesterday and was so busy I didn't blog. Got some beads glazed and firing in the kiln. They are cooling right now, and I look forward to packing them out and sending them to their new homes. I think I will be able to fill many orders today. The waiting for cooling is the hardest part. In this kiln I have some new things, or at least new colors of old things, that I hope to send to the photographer that I am going to try. I have never had things professionally photographed, but I really need them now, so I am nervous and excited.

Last night we made a quick dinner and I settled into a long night of beadmaking and TV. There was a great concert honoring Paul Simon on PBS and we watched much of that. He's a genius. As for work, I am feeling a bit overloaded, with about 15 orders to be processed, of all different sizes. It starts to feel like there is no end in sight, but I carry on through. When I feel this way I just try to let it flow. "We come and we go, it's a thing that I think in the back of my head". Ok, time to move on for today...

Here is a clip of a concert performance (although not the one I saw last night) by Paul Simon, one of my favorite songs, "I Know What I Know" from one of my all time favorite albums, Graceland:

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