June 15, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Squee! I have been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award by the Bead Queen herself, Margot Potter. What a nice surprise and coming from a blogger who I read daily, it really is quite an honor.

So to receive this award, I must in turn nominate 5 other bloggers who write posts that make me think. So here we go:

Cynthia Thorton: Cynthia is the creative force behind Green Girl Studios. I have known Cynthia for a long time from some of our first bead shows. I absolutely love all the things that come out of the studio and you will be seeing more of it incorporated my designs in coming months. The fantasy based imagery is something I really relate to in my own work, and I am happy to see that Cynthia is blogging now..I love reading about her process and daydreams.

Lisa & Tony Blackwell of Zoa Art make amazing PMC, lampwork, and resin beads and components and have recently started blogging. I love to hear their stories as a creative couple sharing their art. I am also inspired of their stories of travelling and moving (since they have moved, what 3 times in the last year?) As Chuck and I are thinking of a big move someday, their stories make me realize that is may be more exciting than I tend to think it will be.

Lucinda Storms of Belvedere Beads has a blog that I really enjoy. I don't think I have met her, even online, but I read her blog whenever she posts something new. She makes glass beads and the interesting thing about her blog is seeing a whole multi media presentation, including audio and video clips and historical and natural imagery, that seem to tie right into her creative beadmaking process. It is really cool to see an artist who is so lucid about her influences, and who can present them so clearly for others to see her process too.

Kerry Bogert of Kab's Creative Concepts is a blog from a lampwork bead artist that I have just recently begun to read. She makes great beads and I enjoy learning about her process. I am fascinated by female artists, especially moms, who can both successfully run a business, make art, and take care of their families. Reading a recent post on one of Kerry's new blog projects, Watch Me Create, is what made me nominate her for this award

Cynthia from Shiny Little Things has a great blog that I enjoy very much. It is a glimpse into the life of an artist, mom, and bead store owner (Ornamentea in North Carolina). She is crafty beyond just beads, dabbling in all sorts of exciting materials. I especially enjoy reading about the creative things she does for her customers. I have seen the works of many of her employees as well, and they are incredible, which tells me that shew must provide a good environment in her store for creativity.

Ok, so those are my nominees! If you have been nominated, here are the rules to carry on the meme:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award'

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  1. thank you for tagging me! i almost peed my pants, i was a meme virgin.
    thankyou for the compliments! i completed my nominations and linked back to you.lucinda