June 20, 2007


Groan, yesterday was one of those *I hate technology* sort of days. Since I had to reload my computer's whole operating system back in April because of a terrible virus attack, I have been using the Norton firewall and anti-virus that comes with the system. Of course, they only give that to you free for about two seconds, along with all the other trial versions of stuff I will never use. That Mac commercial with John Hodgeman as a bloated PC full of trial software is really not far off.

So my trial was running out and I decided it was important enough to actually spend money on this time, instead of using the various free anti virus types of software I had been using before that didn't help me. Hopefully it was money well spent and it actually protects the computer. Anyway, silly me thought it would be a quick download...they always make it sound so easy...and I always believe it at first. But it ended up taking a couple of hours, many many restarts, actually having to remove the old Norton from the computer, and the endlessly long full scan. But YAY! It is up and running now!

Now I feel a little safer doing some things I have been wanting to do, like sign up for MySpace (which always seems a little sceevy to me, but I have a lot of friends on it) So look for that soon.

And in other tech/mechanical news, there seems to be yet another something wrong with our car, leaking power steering fluid or some other such smelly liquid. It is amazing how much money we spend on this car and how little we actually drive it.

Ah the joys of a technological world. I think this scene from Office Space just about sums it all up. You know the one...go on, watch it again...you'll feel better. Click here:

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  1. UGH! That is the story of my life... Mac's rock! : ) all the comercials are true!