June 2, 2007

The Onion Battle

Yesterday was day two in the battle of the onions: tackling a huge pile of delicious green onions I received from my parents' neighbor's garden. I made dressing a couple of days ago and last night I gave soup a try.

It was a sort of semi-homemade soup, I guess you could say. I was going for a Potato Leek sort of feeling, but using the green onions instead of leeks. It was too hot to simmer a big pot on the stove all day, and I didn't have the time. It is times like this I wish I had a crock pot. I used a box of interesting broth I got from Trader Joes. It was thick, like a bisque actually. And pretty yummy on its own. I microwaved some potatoes, cut into wedges, to get them mostly cooked. Then I boiled a big pile of chopped onions and the potatoes and some thinly sliced carrots with the soup for a while.

It ended up being pretty good. Needed more salt I think, but it might taste better today. Soup is like that sometimes. I served it with some turkey bacon, some sour cream, and a delicious Pretzel mini bread, also from Trader Joes. If you see those...I highly recommend them!

I have used up just about enough onions to keep a few for salads and general use for the next week, and a little pile to cut up and mix into ground turkey for turkey burgers. So I am pleased to announce myself as the victor in the onion battle!

Work is coming along nicely, I am making great strides in my glazing and packaging. It feels great to be accomplishing things. I may be able to even rest this weekend for a bit!

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