June 30, 2007

The NOW news

So I mentioned a show that I will be attending in a couple of weeks. My friend Stephanie, whose business is M'Lou is Pink, invited me to help her out at the NOW conference here in Dearborn July 13-15th. Stephanie makes wonderful altered books and other collage type art, like the bookmarks shown above. We met last year at this time, at a small altered art conference in Ann Arbor, where we both had booths. It was a fun show, but very small, like I said. So when the attendees had classes, the vendors had time to talk and play. I actually made the Leafy Tendrils necklace that was in Simply Beads last issue from materials I got at the show, during the show.

Anyway, this is when we met and got to know each other. We talked about art and business and contemporary feminism. I am very interested in feminism and what it means today. Third wave stuff. But I admit that I am not very well read on the issues or the history. I want that to change and I want to learn more. I have always considered myself a feminist. Or more broadly, I am a humanist, so the issues of all humans interests me, but there are some specific female issues that I find fascinating to think about.

So the NOW conference is sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity, I would imagine. I mean how often does it come to my own backyard? The hours are long, so I hope that we will be able to split time working the booth so we can give each other breaks and see some of the workshops and lectures. Stephanie's work will fill the booth, and she carries a little bit of my beads and tiles, so I will be represented a bit too.

Every year I try to participate in one show that is a little bit of an experiment, but where I know I will have fun. This is the show for this year. I hope to at least meet some incredible women, which I always do when I have a show, and have some lively conversations. I am really looking forward to it.

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