June 22, 2007

My Spaces

I have been spending some time cleaning and organizing over the past couple of days, in between glazing and beadmaking and paperwork. There are so many things to do, sometimes I get scattered and go into full multi task mode, where I run around doing everything at once, in little bits.
I decided I needed to organize my work spaces. A while ago, I took over what used to be a kitchen table and dining room and made it an office. We never used the kitchen table anyway, so why not? It worked out well...I had two tables for paperwork and shipping. But I decided I needed a dedicated table for beading, because it was hard to put all the beads away everytime i need them. So here are pictures are of my new beading space and my shipping/paperwork space.
The top picture is for beading...the bottom organizers with drawers roll out when I need them and I have many trays stacked with projects at various stages in them. My tools and parts are all there at hand. I just have to remember to keep everything in the trays! Otherwise they end up all over the table and floor. I am glad I got a picture of this, because it will only look like this for about two days, I am sure...

Here is my second space...this one still needs a little more organizing. It's all my paperwork filing stuff (sales, expenses, contracts) and my shipping stuff (see the scale?) On the side are copper trays where my pending orders go, and when I get things fired for them, the beads go into a tray with the invoice, and wait there until all the beads are finished and ready to ship. It's a little system that seems to work for me. There are organizers on the floor there too, filled with boxes and shipping supplies. Need to organize that better too. Underneath the table are boxes filled with fabric from when I thought I was going to sew. eek. I need to do something about that someday! Well, its good to have all the paperwork in one place at least.

Ok, and for my third space...this is a virtual one...my new Myspace Page! I am having fun there and learning the ropes. If you are on Myspace, make me your friend!

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