June 25, 2007

More Buzzing Around

Yay, check it out! My friend over at Asian Buzz blogged about some of my Asian influenced items! Thank you so much. She showed my Peace and Om pebble beads and bracelet kit, as well as my Asian themed snack charms.

I was just thinking of these recently actually. I love the little edamame and the tofu is so much fun...it has a little tiny soybean and a leaf on top. I try to have a few at my shows, and I love to watch people (especially kids) look at all the little fruits and snacks and name them all. They are usually puzzled a bit by the tofu and have to ask what it is, and they laugh when I tell them. I have wanted to continue this series with some sushi and tempura items, but haven't found the time thus far.

Speaking of healthy foods, today we start a new health kick around here. I have grocery duty this morning and all the bad stuff is purged from the house, so I am going to try my best to be good. Hopefully the greasy onion rings and chicken sandwiches we had for dinner (bad!) will hold us off of unhealthy food for a while. I am going to get a bunch of veggies and rice, and some chicken to grill. Veggies are good in the summer, right? So it shouldn't be so hard to eat healthier.

Chuck and I also have a fitness orientation at a local community center. We are going to learn to use the equipment in the gym, and after tonight we can use it whenever we want to and pay a low fee. So no monthly membership, just pay as you go. That seems to be a good alternative for us, so we can see if we actually use it. What does a membership at a gym cost, monthly, I wonder? Anyway, we will have to see how we like it...maybe we will go together, or each on our own. It will get us moving and buzzing around at least.


  1. Your welcome!! :D Can't wait till you come up with sushi & tempura items. You know I'll be right there for some of those beads! I tend to eat more fruit in the summer and non cook items (too hot to be cooking). You know what has been a hit at this house? PIZZA I cheat and use the add water dough mixes. It's nice and light. Good luck on the gym. We are too far from a gym to go (hence the treadmill purchase).

  2. I agree, too hot to cook! I like salads in the summer a lot, and barbeque. Veggie burgers, BBQ chicken, rice, that sort of thing. I did pretty good at the grocery store today! Although the produce was looking pretty yucky at Trader Joes today. I hate that!