June 3, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

We have announced the new theme for the June challenge on Art Bead Scene: Let Them Eat Cake! This is a fun challenge, making something with art beads that is inspired by sweets, candy, and treats. It can be literal, like my example above, or simply influenced by color or shapes. There are lots of beads that remind me of candy...usually those are the ones I love most!

If you check out the post on Art Bead Scene, you can see an additional bit of inspiration I found on You Tube. A video of the 80's song "I want Candy" set to scenes from the movie Marie Antoinette (which I have not yet seen unfortunately!)

If you clicked on that video and are now stuck with an earworm, my apologies. Here, to make up for it...another video to replace that earworm with another. "Candy Girl" by New Edition! Check out the moves on those boys...including little BobbyB!. HA HA...I officially declare today Candy Songs of the 1980's Earworm Day!


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