June 29, 2007

I was delayed, I was waylayed

Ok, today I am on a bit of a tangent from my usual boring business and bead babble. I know I promised to tell you about my upcoming show with my new friend, but that will wait. Today I will talk about the music of my youth.

I am triggered by seeing a truly terrible video on Nocturnal State, a cover of a Smiths song. I watched the whole thing even thought it pained me, and I ranted to Chuck and my brother about it, but I am still not satisfied, so I must blog about it. I will not post the video here, but if you must see someone destroy a memorable song from my youth, click here.

Ok, I am fully aware that for many, maybe even most of you, the sound of Morrissey's voice may want you to drive a nail into your skull. I understand this. I sympathize. Nevertheless, the Smiths entered my life at a tender age, just as I was discovering that my musical choices could make a statement about my attitude about the world around me. I think Strangeways came out just as I was entering high school. So bands like the Smiths, the Cure, Depeche Mode, all those great New Wave groups...this is the soundtrack of my youth. The moody music and strange lyrics are the things I think of when I remember my awkward, dramatic, challenging puberty years.

My friends and I were united by the music we listened to. We found each other through songs about being alone and an outsider. And we knew that we were outsiders too. We were not jocks or cheerleaders, we were artists, musicians, poets. Some of my friends were gay, and that made them outsiders. We banded together to form our own communities, and to help each other through. And music played an integral role.

I think the music I listened to as a kid really impacted what I like today. I still enjoy music that is lyrically driven, and I love songs with complex words with meandering melodies, cryptic meanings, and references that you have to look up to understand. Music with a story and meaning behind it, you know? And although a lot of the sounds that were used in the music of my youth became dated (heavy synth, sampled sounds) some of them are returning in bands like the Killers, who I love now.

Ok, so I have rambled on long enough about New Wave music today. I think I lost my point somewhere. Oh, yeah.. you creepy Australian guy trying to cover a Smiths song with a terrible video: don't mess with my Morrissey! He is a strange, brilliant, complicated creature that you couldn't possibly fathom,. So yes, I do wish to stop you, because I have heard that one before, and it was much better then...

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