June 4, 2007

Don't Stop Me Now!

I figured about this time in my preparation for the B&B show that I would be walking around like a zombie. But I am actually pretty happy with my progress right now. Or maybe it hasn't dawned on me that I leave in two days. But I think I am doing well, honestly. I have my last two kilns cooling right now, and that is an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Now I just have to organize all those little details for my booth and my comfort. I am proud of the way I have kept pretty cool in this last week. YAY me!

Ok, so what's with the zombie reference? Well, I watched the movie Shawn of the Dead this weekend for the first time. We rented it on Netflix before I noticed that they were playing it on MTV ths weekend...d'oh! It's probably better in the original version anyway, there is just too much for censors to cut for TV. I enjoyed it...it was funny, entertaining, and incredibly violent and gory. But in a campy way that made it funny. Because the gore was so over the top and unbelievable, that I just had to look away and laugh. Here is a clip from the movie...one of my favorite scenes, when the gang fights off a growing sea of zombies with almost dancy violence to the tune of the Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now"

WARNING: this clip contains foul language and violent imagery, so watch at your own risk!


  1. we LUFF this movie!

    they have a new movie out this summer!

  2. I don't know much about who made it or most of the actors (although I recognized Pam and even saw Jim from the British Office ...British Pam and Jim as we call them!)

    We saw a bizarre movie about Elvis that I think was made by someone associated with Shawn of the Dead. I'll have to go look that up...

  3. Hm, ok I looked it up and I don't see a connection. That Elvis movie was called Bubba Ho-Tep. I don't know why I got them confused...maybe just because they are both about zombies/mummies/the undead

  4. Hi Melanie,
    Have a great time at the show! I'll look forward to hearing about it when you return!!!!
    Best wishes,