June 13, 2007

Bead & Button, the clay booths

I am still quite exhaused from the show. It was a great time but I am so tired now. I am trying to pack my things back up but I get distracted and there is so much to do. Plus I keep randomly falling asleep on the floor, the bed, the couch.

Today I just have the energy to share the pictures I took of many of my friends' booths. Sorry, I was quite the clay snob this show, so all of the pictures are from ceramic bead booths. See my Flickr album for big pictures!


Earthenwood Beads' Bead & Button Clay Booths 2007 photosetEarthenwood Beads' Bead & Button Clay Booths 2007 photoset


  1. It's ok to be a snob once in a while. :) I hope you recuperate soon and are lost for content to write about on your blog because...

    You've been tagged:


    Sorry. :)

  2. Oh no! I'm *IT*? Thanks for the tag, Lori. It's probably just the kind of thing I need to get back into the work groove...