June 16, 2007

As Seen in Knitty!

YAY! I came home from the bead show to a surprise of a feature of my buttons in the online magazine Knitty! Check it out, if you do any kind of knitting...Knitty is a super cool magazine full of neat articles and patterns...really fun and hip stuff with an Indie edge to it. Thanks to the Knitty folks for the review, and welcome to all the knitters who have come to Earthenwood Studio to see our small and biggie buttons!


  1. I love your blog. Great job Melanie!
    It is fun to move around in and
    Did not see your new Monkeys at Bead and Button.........love them.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I only had the 2 monkeys at the show, and they quickly went to new homes. I am going to try a couple more versions and then put them up for sale on my site...

  3. Wooohoo! I've only scanned the project photos and descriptions (as I taught myself to knit a few months ago!) and have one of the projects from the new edition as one I'm going to make soon!

    I didn't look at the articles yet though; that's AWESOME!

    I had been thinking that when I do a knit item that needs buttons, I know EXACTLY where to turn, hee hee!

  4. Your buttons are wonderful for knitting! The only problem is that they are so beautiful, I never feel that I have a project worthy of them.

  5. Melissa,
    Oh that's just silly! Don't you know they are happiest when they are in use? I don't think I have seen your knitted works, but if they are a fraction as lovely as your beaded works, then I think my buttons would be honored to embellish them...

  6. Melanie, I've been thinking for awhile about a button of yours (I don't know which, yet!) to be the focal on the front of a macrame (yes, gasp!) purse, the one from that Sherri Haab (I think) book reviewed awhile back on Art Bead Scene. It'll be in a pretty grey yarn, with silver/grey/black ribbon yarn held along with it. Anyway, the yellow/gray combo is kinda trendy, and I like it, although not for tops; it wouldn't look good on me! But a purse will be perfect. Anyway, so I don't know if you do yellow ones; I need to go browse and see!

  7. ooh, the purse sounds lovely! Yep, I can do yellow buttons. Oh, or how about a little contrast like Lime green?

    I haven't tried any of those macrame techniques yet, but I want to. How fun!