May 28, 2007

Presenting the new Beads-of-Clay website!

I am excited to present a new project that I have been quietly working on since the beginning of the year. It is the re-design of the Beads of Clay group website! I have been working on this a little bit at a time since about January. I wanted to have a colorful site, full of information for the members of our Beads of Clay yahoo group. It is the first (and probably will be the only) website I have designed outside of my own site. I have to say, I am pretty pleased with it.

There are many PR and press events coming up in the next few months for Beads of Clay, so I really was in a time crunch to create something for our group that reflected the diversity and artistry of all of our talented members. So I feel very motivated not to promote the group and I hope for all sorts of good things to happen in the next few months for us!

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