May 16, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Today

Ok, I don't write about fashion or beauty stuff, because I am just not that into it. But today I have something to say and show. I have had pretty long hair for a long time. But with summer coming, I wanted a change and I have been wanting to donate to Locks of Love for many years. So today was the day! I want to a salon (the first time in MANY years) and got a bit pampered. Here is the before picture, with my hair back in a braid. When down and brushed out, it came to about my elbows:And *drumroll* here is my new hair today:
Its still pretty long and my stylist told me I can do a lot of things with it, even make it curlyish and wear it back in neat ways. So I am going to go out shopping for fun hair things!

Zoey wanted to be in the pictures so I took one of her and Chuck too:
YAY for shorter hair! I feel so different, and much lighter. And maybe I won't be so grumpy now when I have to brush my hair and stuff. It's exciting to have such a change!


  1. Looks great - I think you will love the freedom shorter hair will give you. More time to make more beads!

    Welcome back,


  2. Looks wonderful! It's the first time I've seen a picture of you and you are very pretty!! :D

  3. I congratulate you for the wonderful donation. It takes a special person with extra love to do what you did.
    thank you


    ps: yes, you look so pretty and Chuck, who is ne of my favorite artists, rules with the beauteous Zoey!

  4. Thanks everyone! I never post pictures of myself on the internets but I really wanted to share. I am loving it so far!

    Chuck was a little nervous that I was going to come home with a pixie haircut or something, lol! He likes me with long flowy hair like in all those art nouveau illustrations, I think. It's still longish, just easier for me to deal with now...

  5. How cute are you guys?!?!? Like, too cute! Y'all look great! Gaea