May 8, 2007

Getting organized

I have been pretty swamped lately. This is one of my busiest times of year, right before Bead & Button. I know it is a month away, and that seems like a long time, but I have been so busy with orders and regular life stuff, I haven't been able to make much stock. I really want to showcase my newest works this year...things I didn't have last I am really trying to get organized and focus on what I really want to make.

Also, I think it is time for a new display. Here is a picture of my dry run display, laid out on my living room floor. This makes up the left half of the table, and it repeats on the right side (I tend to be symmetrical) I wanted something a bit brighter and modular, so I found all these little white bowls that I enjoy. (BTW, ignore the hot pink post its in the picture, its just my own organization...the signs at the show will be white and very inconspicuous)

The little plates and sushi dishes in front are porcelain, and the beads make such a wonderful tinkling sound when they are swooshed around in the bowls. I mean, porcelain is not the best choice for a show display because it is heavy and fragile, but I couldn't resist some! The rest of the dishes are melamine, which is much lighter and more practical. These would be good if I had to travel really light, by plane maybe. I still need to get more.

I think I will be really happy with this new display and it will give me a lot of room to change things up and be flexible. I was hesitant to go with white, but now that I have lived with it a bit, I am very happy!

Now I just need to fill all those empty spaces! D'oh!


  1. Looking great and very inviting.

  2. I love it Melanie! The person next to me in Tucson had their beads in little bowls that could be dumped out if people needed to pick and choose and I was jealous of all the tinkling and poking around that was going on. :) Have fun and good luck at the show!

  3. looks great. basically, how many do you bring?

  4. Thanks for the comments! Yes, I love to encourage people to play in the beads, and I love the sounds they make and how they feel in big piles.

    Jean, I bring as many as I possibly can, to be honest! It is so hard to tell what people are going to want, and things look better when full, so I try to have as much as I can. I actually want to do a count of what I have in stock right now, cuz I am curious~!