May 28, 2007

Boob Tube Weekend

I am a little sorry to report that most of my weekend was spent parked in front of the television in my final flurry of beadmaking before the Bead & Button show. I got a bit of a late start on stock this year, and had to cram about a month's worth of beadmaking into a week or so. So to keep myself occupied, I had the good old boob tube to keep me company. Here are the highlights and lowlights.

Unfortunately I did not plan my Netflix well enough to have some compelling things to watch for this time, so I was stuck with Wedding Crashers, which was only mildly entertaining. Stupidly, I rented Snakes on a Plane (just because it was supposed to be so bad), which Chuck watched first and said was the dumbest movie he had ever seen, or something to that effect, so I didn't even bother.

So I was stuck with regular programming. Not much that interested me. Lots of military and war movies for Memorial Day. blah. There were several Star Wars specials on to mark the 30th anniversary. The one on G4 at Gen Con was disappointing, and was more like an advertisement. The History channel one was great though, with lots of celebrity interviews and heavily peppered with mythological and philosophical interpretations. Very enjoyable.

I have taken to Tivo-ing VH-1's Nocturnal State, which is a mix of videos (videos! imagine that on VH-1 or MTV!) with some bands that I like and some new ones I am discovering. So I watched a lot of that. I miss music videos, I grew up on them and love them so. I also suffered through most of the Rock Honors on VH-1, mostly in order to catch Genesis and Keane performing a Genesis song. And with Robin Williams introducing it, I was not disappointed. Keane is one of my current favorite bands. here's the clip:
By yesterday afternoon, I was SO bored of making beads inside, and it was a lovely day, so I took my stuff and went outside with the dog. It was quite nice, making beads in the sun with a cool breeze, listening to my Ipod, smelling the holiday barbeques around the neighborhood, with Zoey watching the birds and squirrels. A lovely change of pace.

Today is the last day for Wet Work, so it will be a big scramble to restock most of my Snack Charm line, and then "That's All" for beadmaking! It is always great to finish and start the week long task of glazing, firing, and packaging for the show. I am already distracted by the sunny day so I think I will end up outside with the dog again today, trying to get through this last batch of beads. I hope you all had a nice weekend too...


  1. Thanks for the tv review! I love those little tv charms - hope you sell gobs and gobs of beads at Bead and Button!

  2. Cute bead charms think people will love them. Nice work!

  3. Thanks! The little TVs are fun to make! It's neat to incorporate the high fire wire into the design.

    Thanks for the well wishes!