May 19, 2007

Alfred University Trip, part three...the glass edition!

Ok, here is a post for all the glassies out there. Alfred is known for its ceramic and glass arts and technology, and if you work in either material, you probably know that there is a lot of cross over. Technology and material wise, glass and ceramics are close cousins. So I got a quick trip through the glass arts studios of Alfred, and here are the things I saw:

I believe that this is the chimney from the glass studio, but I might be wrong. It was cool looking and really tall.

This was the main glass blowing room, and there were maybe 5 furnaces/glory holes here. At least one was on and it was hella hot. I never did well in glassblowing because of the heat, I am just too fragile for it. But I love glass and have a fine appreciation for it, especially since I took that blowing class in college and discovered how difficult it is.

One of the furnaces, not in use.

This one was firing up! Check out that bright orange heat! Hot Hot Hot!

Wall of annealing kilns, I assume, plus it looks like a marvering table.

These were huge kilns, for annealing I assume. They were as tall as me and there were several of them.

A horizontal kiln for annealing and perhaps fusing or slumping? There were a couple of these, and were big enough that I could lay down in them. In fact, my brother said that one of the students had done some life sized figural glass sculptures using these kilns recently.

Another interesting part of Alfred was the Neon Studio, but it was a bit crowded and I was getting tired by the time we got there, so no pictures. There were bits of neon art around the place and a display space outside on top of one of the buildings where the students showed their neon works.

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