May 14, 2007

Alfred University pics, part one

Ok, so like a good little clay nerd I took lots of pictures of kilns at Alfred. It was amazing the number of kilns that were there! And there were only a handful of commercial kilns, it looked like most of them were custom built for the space.

This was a huge room set up in a circle, with dozens of kilns that I could walk into all around. These were gas kilns, and there were some smaller electric kilns set up in the center of the room as well.
Another shot of the round kiln room.
This was one of the smaller kilns
This was a new kiln, never fired yet from the looks of it.

A shot of one of the gas burner systems on one of these huge kilns.
Huge storage closets stocked full of pyromeric cones in every temperature and size.
One of the glaze test tile walls that lined the hallways
This is the grad glaze lab, full of clay and glaze materials.

Tomorrow I will show some pictures of the outdoor kilns, which were amazing!

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