April 14, 2007


Oh, not those kinds of cookies, lol! Scrub Cookies!

If you know me from my porcelain beads, which is where most people know me from, you might not realize that I have a line of terra cotta ornaments that I make as well. They are on the website, but if you are a beady sort, you probably just get lost in the pages and pages of beadies, and miss the one page of ornaments.

I do not make a lot of retail sales of these cookie ornaments, but I do a pretty large amount of wholesale on them. You see, I have always been a bit of a bath product junkie. I am really not a glamorous girly girl, I am not into cosmetics and frilly things at all. But I do love a good bath, an at home foot spa, or at very least a wide variety of fancy soaps and lotions for a little daily pampering.

I love things that are scented like a bakery (vanilla and chocolate especially) or like fruits and spices. For a long time it was hard to find these scents that were not geared towards little girls. Now with so many great indie shops, I have my pick of these great scents in grown up products! Now almost everything I use smells like cupcakes, or bananas, or chocolate and caramel. I even have candles scented like a bakery. LOL, Chuck often comes downstairs from his studio and wonders if I have been baking, but no...I just took a bath! Which kind of disappoints him, because I made him want cookies, and there are none.

Anyway, so I love these products and the packaging that some of the indie shops have, so I developed this line of ornaments to go along with their products. I designed all the cute little snack images and had rubber stamps made. I had a lot of fun with designing them, actually! And now I also do custom stamps, so these companies can have their own images or logos, which fills a really unique niche, I think.

Terra cotta is a very dark, iron rich clay, as opposed to my usual porcelain, which is very white and fine. The two really need to be separated, so when I make cookies, I just do that for the day. I have a separate tray and tools devoted to making cookies, so I don't contaminate my porcelain. Since they are bigger than my beads, I get the chance to dig my hands in the clay and get it under my fingernails. It's a lot of fun for a change of pace. I have a few orders today thanks to a post on a popular soap board, so tonight is cookie night!

oops, sorry Charlie, not that kind of cookie...


  1. hi!
    poor charlie...
    I love these smells too but when they smell at my place it's because I'm cooking them... I think I couldn't be smelling like that because I would be drooling all day and have a big urge of eating cookies...

  2. Yeah thats what a lot of people say about food scents, that it would make them hungry. That doesn't seem to happen to me as much, I just love the scents...

    I don't bake much but i have been wanting to make banana muffins with the brown bananas that are on my counter. I need to get some muffin cups first!