April 13, 2007

Flashback Friday: Ow my aching back!

Hello again! I can't believe it is Friday again! Time for another Flashback Friday! This is another piece from my senior show. Oh how I wish I could take a good picture of a white bead. I keep trying but with little success. Any suggestions, anyone? There is so much detail in this that is totally washed out. Maybe I need a better camera...

Anyway, this is my vertebrae necklace. The center is a very detailed carved vertebrate, salt fired porcelain, It is slightly dry and very bone like. The rest of the necklace is made of simple pinched porcelain beads, also salt fired porcelain, and round horn spacers between them.

This was inspired at the time by one of my mentors, John Glick, who I was fortunate to work study with in his studio during my senior year. He was very aware of the body, posture, and pain, and how to work in the studio for optimal health. The spine was an important area of concern, and he wrote at least one article about it. While in the studio, I learned to use a standing kick wheel that he designed, which was very spine friendly. Unfortunately, it was my wrists that stopped me from pursuing my career as a potter, and not my back. But if I had continued, I would have used many of his techniques in my own studio.

This necklace was also a part of a larger project that consumed most of my senior year, but I will save that to discuss next Friday...

In other news, I worked all week on a new Ms. Bead-It-All post for Art Bead Scene! It is about how to use frontally drilled pendants. I hope you will check it out!

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