April 30, 2007

Back Online!

Long time, no blog! EEK, I have been computerless for almost two weeks! I have been able to access my email but not really able to go online, except for some brief sessions on Chuck's computer. I like to have all my own stuff and space, so I am glad to be back on my own computer now.

The bad thing is that we had to wipe my hard drive clean and reload the whole operating system, so I lost all my preferences and presets and good stuff. So I am slowly working on getting used to working with what is essentially a new computer. You know, reloading all my photos and music and bookmarks. It has been quite an ordeal. Hopefully all the viruses and wormy things are gone now and Norton will fight them away for me.

I haven't loaded all my photos yet, so here is a random picture of strands of copper beads I saw at the Rings & Things trunk show yesterday. I had fun and did a little shopping for new stuff for projects and jewelry. It was my first time at one of their shows and it was really a great event!

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