April 19, 2007

Another Meltdown

Hi there! Well unfortunately I have had another meltdown, not a kiln this time but my computer. So I have been out of touch a bit in my forums and chatting. I am not able to access the internets easily...so I can't get in to my gmail or my groups. I am using my hubby's computer now. I can get email at earthenwood at comcast dot net still, so write me there if you need something. Also you can call me if you have an important issue about an order or a project. My phone number is on the contact page of my website.

I will be out of touch like this for at least a week sadly...

So contact me one of the ways listed if you need me and I will talk to you all next week sometime!

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  1. cynthia thorntonTuesday, April 24, 2007

    Hi Melanie! I feel your pain. We have lost weeks worth of work due to a touchy kiln. Making waxes for our silver casting is so flippin tedious! Hang in there! Your work is so special (I still have some of those fairy heads from those early Detroit shows, I can't part with them!). Thanks for the ideas, I'm working up sketches.