March 24, 2007

Weekend Off!

Well, I am going to take a little time off this weekend. I don't do this enough. I promised Zoey that I would take her to Gramma's (which is my mom and dad's house) today. She loves going there, getting spoiled like a grand-dog and chasing after the squirrels in their yard. Um, we have squirrels here too but she just likes the ones there better, I think. Anyway, she knows when we are going (well, because I tease her for at least a day) so she starts to follow me around and poke her nose in my room and *stare* sadly at me until she gets her way. Crazy dog!
So I am going to buckle down and finish up my glazing in the next hour, and get a kiln loaded for later. Then off for a lovely visit with the parents. I need to do some errands over there like the library and the craft store too. So I actually have a lot to do today, on my day off!

1 comment:

  1. I guess everything tastes better and grandmas...even the squirrels. :)