March 19, 2007

Post-Show Wrap-Up

Well, the Spring Bead Bonanza is over now, and I had a great time! It felt like forever since I set up my booth (the last time was before Christmas). It also felt like forever since I had seen a lot of my beady friends. It was a little like coming out of hibernation. So I spent a lot of time running around catching up with everyone. I really need a helper next time.
So here are some pictures of my bead table. Sorry, my photography skills are very poor, I just can't figure out this camera for anything other than bead pics. But it will give an idea at least. Everything is is black satin and ultrasuede, with beads going into satin lined jewelers trays. The satin makes them little fancier but I can still easily stack and compartmentalize them all. The beads are so colorful and I have so many that I like to just keep it to basic black, and let the beads be the color in the booth.

Here are my task lamps for lighting behind my trays of beads, with stand up displays of my articles in between the lights. This is the left side. In the center is a break in back so I can reach out to fix trays and hand people money or cards. I spend most of the show on my feet, so I am really tired today. I am not used to that.

Here is the right side with a similar set up. Mailing list info started in front but later moved to the center so I could reach it. In the back is a tray of my bundles from Etsy, of which I sold more than half of, so that made me happy.

Here is a look down in one of the small trays filled with one of my new pendants. Each tray has a little tag inside it with the prices of the things in the trays. It is nice to be able to just stack up the trays and not label everything individually.

I had a great time and I am already looking forward to the Fall Bead Bonanza!


  1. I really like the way you displayed your pendants in trays - it makes me think of a box of chocolates! I think your stand looked very inviting. :)

  2. hi!
    I'm glad you had fun!
    I always thought that the people behind the stand get tired of being there a lot of hours and sometimes listening to some annoying comments or people not buying stuff!
    yes, your display was wonderful!
    bye, manela

  3. clare,
    Yes, they are very chocolate-like, aren't they? I love going to candy stores and seeing all the brightly colored candies organized in little bins. I guess it is like candy for beaders!

    I try to stay cheerful and I actually really love talking to people as they pass by. Rude comments are very rare but they can really affect one, especially if it has to do with their artwork. I am lucky to have so many postitve people around me though, both peers and customers, so I try not to get annoyed.

    I was rather restless at this show, though, and wanted to wander around, shop, and visit with my friends. That's why I should have brought help for my booth. I will have to remember for next time!

  4. Everything looks great! I do like the satin and velvet. I'm thinking about the less is more and not having all my inventory out.

  5. I like the way you lined your trays with the satin, very cool. It was a great show indeed, I barely have time to walk around, but I was looking for you and I'm glad I found your booth. I only have enough beads to cover half of the table. I guess I have to get busy. :)
    Nice to meet you and hope to see you in Fall or before that. Oh, yes, B&B in June.

  6. I just join the web ring but cannot send email to you, so "Mission accomplished" :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog Bead (In)Sanity and also it was nice to see you again at the Bead Bonanza.

    Also, I would like to say thank you for being one of the sponsors for the Bead Cruise that sets sale on Monday!

    Take care - Liz