March 27, 2007

Nexstitch bag pattern with Earthenwood button

Check it out! Amie over at Nexstitch has a great new crochet pattern up for a Hawaiian inspired handbag, which happens to feature one of my buttons as the closure! This is a special button that I made specially for her and this pattern, so they are not on the website right now. But I will happily make some. In fact, I have a few that I am going to glaze today. If anyone is interested, just send me an email!

Well, yesterday was a very productive day. I shipped out thirteen packages! That might be a new record for me in one day, I don't know. It really feels good to get all those things out the door...I always feel so happy and relieved after going to the post office. I am constantly amazed how patient my customers are...that they are willing to wait for me to make their beads to order, even when it takes a couple of weeks for me to do so.

So today will be spent glazing so I can get some more things shipped tomorrow. I also want to get some new bead bundles photographed for Etsy and work on a few new pages for the website. Tonight will be another night of beadmaking, as usual! I have lots of message sticks for order on the agenda tonight.


  1. oooooo!! Melanie! I love the bag! Your button is the perfect touch! Did Amy "commission" the button?

  2. She did, sort of? She knew what she wanted and asked if I could do it, and I did! It is one of my Button Charm designs, just as a button with a shank instead of a charm:

    Looks perfect with the bag, doesn't it?

  3. Nice bag! Did you make a wire shank or a clay shank? The geek in me wants to see the back as much as the front of the button!

    13 packages in one day! WOW! I know that is a great deal of work. Your packaging is beautiful!

    - Elaine

  4. Hey thanks Elaine! I do take pride in my packaging, but when I have a big pile to ship in one day, it is rather daunting! When today's kiln cools, I get to do it all over again today...

    As for the button, it has a wire shank and is unglazed on the back. I have done clay shanks but have stopped because I was getting a lot of breakage, sadly (cracking while drying in the mold)

    clay geek!