March 22, 2007

Getting organized!

Well I have been working really hard the last few days trying to get things organized. We got our taxes done the other day, which was painful but now it is done, and a huge burden feels lifted! I have been behind because of taxes and the show last weekend, but things are lining up now. I had a lot of odd emails and tasks to complete. Just out of the ordinary stuff that was tripping me up. But I am caught up on my previous orders as of last night's clay session and now I can get these kilns fired and get started on the next series of orders and tasks. Looks like tonight I will be making cookie ornaments for a job, so by the end of the night, I hope to have a big tray full like the picture above.


  1. hi melanie...looks like you've been working your taxes i'm the little red heart...

  2. Yuck, taxes! Yeah we did it early because last year we had to go back to the accountant because we didn't have everything together. I guess we were more prepared this year!

    Good to see you Tony...