March 21, 2007

Earthly Elemental Necklace in progress

I think in my comments yesterday I mentioned that I made the new pendant design for a particular piece in progress. Here is a picture of that piece. It has big pebbly black glass beads with coppery net mesh weaving in and out of small copper coils, all strung on wire cable. I haven't finished it though. The copper mesh tubing is a little tricky to work with, and since I put it aside to design, make and fire the pendant, the mesh snagged and split. So I have to get creative in order to finish this or start over. I am still designing a toggle bar to match the pendant to use with this, so if I have to start all over to finish, at least the process served me well by providing the inspiration for two ceramic designs!


  1. I love this new pendant! So curvy and nice. This too would look nice as a toggle clasp. The mesh stuff is cool.

  2. Very "beachy" Melanie!! the net mesh around the glass beads...fisherman's nets with treasures...the smooth beach stones with seaweed...waves lapping at the sandy beach and the craggy moores!! Oh yes Melanie!! this piece is sea & stone!...I miss the in a more mountainous area which I love dearly...but the calls... Thanks Melanie for this moment of reflection! Beautiful piece! do post it when finished!
    Warmly, Christine

  3. Thanks Tari, I am excited about this new series. I have the first toggle cooling in the kiln right now...

    Christine, I am pleased that this piece conjured up happy places for you! I must admit, I would love either mountains or beach right now, but instead I am in an industrial landscape, sadly. I hope someday I can live somewhere more connected to nature, but until then, I will have to express it in clay.