March 15, 2007

Dazed and Confused!

Hello there! I am feeling a little like my Ghostie charm above looks! Confused and a little funky. First of all, it was a beautiful 65 degrees out yesterday afternoon. It was lovely, we walked the dog in the park and got some fresh air. It felt like Spring! Today I wake up and there is snow. Wha?!? Not a lot of snow on the roads, but it is definitely white outside. I am so confused!

I am also feeling a bit funky from dinner last night. Well, dinner was great...I made some panko breaded chicken and potato wedges with herbs. Yummy! But I had a little mixed drink with it and I am getting the sneaking suspicion that I am allergic to alcohol or something. I didn't even have that much...maybe about a shot of Rum mixed in a tall glass of orange juice with ginger. I even sipped it slowly with my meal. It was nice after a long day, and I felt relaxed and even made some beads leisurely while I watched Lost after dinner.

I have never been a big drinker. In high school, when everyone was off partying and drinking, I didn't participate. I guess I had a bit of straight edge influence there. Anyway, I never had alcohol until I was of legal age, and even then, in college, I never did drink much. I don't know why, it just seemed dumb. I think I am just too Type A and career focused to have spent my valuable college time partying when I could have been working.

So anyway, now I will occasionally drink casually, a single glass of wine or beer, or a mixed drink. And it seems like every time I end up sick. Last night I woke up at 6am with a terrible migraine. This is what seems to happen when I have anything more than a taste of any alcohol anymore.

Well, that's probably more info that anyone needs about me and alcohol. I just thought I would share a little bit about it. And maybe if you offer me a drink at a party, you will understand if I politely refuse...


  1. I love that charm - all your charms in fact. On our fridge we have a magnet that has all these faces of different emotions where you can highlight the emotion you are feeling that day. I think I could do that with your charms - things like the faces, the broken heart and the brainy one. I can imagine them strung on a chain and housed in a small vase with just one charm hanging over the edge to indicate the emotion of the day.

    Thanks for sharing your face for the day!
    - Elaine

  2. Oh thats such a good idea Elaine! I love the idea of wearing or showing a bead to match your mood.

  3. My husband has the same thing when it comes to alcohol. He can drink one glass of wine and feel totally out of sorts the next day. Not like a hangover but that something just isn't right.

    I wish I would have been more like you when I was in college...I would be a lot further along today. I, unfortunately took the party route when I didn't even like it then!