March 28, 2007

Bundles and Surprises

I have been busily chugging away at various projects. I photographed a bunch of new bead bundles that I will be listing in my Etsy shop this week, as things are looking a little sparse there right now! Did you see the cute little Mini Etsy banner I added to the sidebar? It changes with the featured items in my shop! I have become quite a little techie geek, now that I can do a tiny bit of HTML...

Here's a pic of Zoey the other day checking out the packages ready to ship. I do try to keep her away from the beads and packages, but she is furry and a member of the family, so what can I do? She doesn't bother my bead stuff or shipping really, she just sees the bag and hopes she gets to go for a ride in the car too! Anywhere will do...

The kiln is cooling and I have to sort through and see if I have any packages for today. Sorting is my favorite part! As many times as I fire these same glazes and kiln, there are still surprises. And I am always working on the next new thing, so there is usually some little new treat in the kiln when I open it!


  1. Wow Melanie - those are absolutely gorgeous . I had to lean into my computer screen to get a good look. I'm going to your web site right now to see if you have other samples posted. Make sure you someday show us a finished piece using that closure.

    - Elaine

  2. Hey Elaine! Thanks for the compliments! The beads shown in this post were experiments, so you won't find them on my website. I had them listed in my Etsy shop ( but it sold this morning.

    I will be showing a bunch od unusual stuff in the next few days from my Etsy Bundles!