March 16, 2007

Big Show Weekend!

Well I am just about ready for the big show this weekend. I have my beads all packed away and a few more bags of show stuff to get together...the displays and lights and table cloths. I went out and bought a new scrapbookthat I can put all my recent press and articles in. So maybe I can work on that tonight. Now it is cleaning time. Just taking a break from the dreaded job of vacuuming. Geez, our vacuum is loud! I have to wear earplugs. I guess that means it is working. Well, this is just a short break, just so I can say I blogged today. Golly, aren't you thrilled you came? So exciting!

If you are in the Detroit area this weekend, please stop by the Bead Bonanza in Southfield and say HI! Click here for more info.


  1. Hi Melanie,
    I was just following the new Bead Ring to see who signed on when I came to this post. What a color ful display with Zoey in the background. I'm sure you will have a great show!


    p.s. Ear plugs for vacuuming? That MUST me a loud vacuum cleaner! How does Zoey handle that noise? Growing up we had a lab that hid her head under the bed every time my mom vacuumed. She did NOT like it! My last cat loved to get a massage with the brush attachment...loud noise and all!

  2. I hope the show went well. Your trays look great! I'm glad you have a guard dog watching over them. Let us know how Jennifer is and how the show went.
    I don't if it means the vacuum is working or whether there might be an explotion :)

  3. Virginia,
    Thanks for dropping by! The picture from the other day was from Bead & Button last year. I had to do a dry run and Zoey "helped"! You can see last weekend's actual booth pictures on my blog post from today.

    It IS loud! And Zoey hates it. She either stays outside or hides upstairs with Chuck. Then she looks really sad like she did something wrong, poor thing. Good thing I don't vacuum a lot, LOL!

    The show was pretty good! It was a lot of fun having Jennifer here and being able to visit with her and our other friends too. Traffic for the show was down unfortunately, but we can't expect much with the economy here in Detroit. It was a great time, though!