January 15, 2007

Thoughts on Japan and Cute things!

If you have met me or been to my home, you will know almost immediately that I collect cute items from Japan. I guess it started in my youth with Hello Kitty. I still love her and the whole Sanrio gang. I think one of the reasons I liked Sanrio as a kid was that I always wanted to be a little different, and the characters from Japan were slightly less popular and widely available than the big US characters with movie tie-ins (like Bugs Bunny, Disney, Snoopy) After a while, in my teens, Sanrio became harder to find, so the alternative factor went up. Now Hello Kitty is everywhere, but I still love her (although now I prefer items straight from Japan).

Today I love all sorts of characters from Japan, and there are so many! My favorites are from a company called San-x (read the wikipedia article here) They are hard to find but can be ordered online. I am lucky enough to have a way cute Japanese collectible store near me in Ann Arbor called Wizzywig. They carry lots of anime and toys and best of all, Japanese Candy...YUM! My latest favorite item is the Wanwanwanco pencil case shown above, which is covered with pictures of cute puppies and baked goods! How can you not love those two things? Inside there is an adorable little dog with a little thought blurb coming from him, asking "please keep my cake, ok?" awwwww....

So I think this love of Japan anime and characters is coming through in my work a little bit. I have a new series I am working on, called Wicked Trinkets. They are inspired by my collection of cute things, along with images from the 80's, punk, goth, rock, and geek culture. I have been having a lot of fun with them! Here is a sneak peek:


  1. Oh, dang! I just talked about you in Episode Two of the ChristaKnits podcast.. http://podcast.christaknits.com .. but I didn't see these! You'll get a mention in Episode Three too :)

  2. Thanks! I got a chance to listen to Episode two...what a great podcast! Well done! I am looking forward to number three and will go back and load up the first one!