January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day is always so full of hope for me. This year I am thankful for all the great people in my life. I have made many new friends and colleagues in the past year, and have had many great opportunities that have carried me into this new year. I am grateful for all the customers who have been so kind to me and have enjoyed my beads. You are all the reason that I am excited to get up and work everyday. I am thankful to be able to do this for a living, and it is all of my excellent clients who make it possible.

I have many new things in store for 2007: new lines of beads, an expanding line of jewelry, and many new articles, projects, and kits coming out. I am super excited to work on all these new things!

I also want to celebrate the birthday of a group we started 3 years ago yesterday: Beads-of-Clay. Who would have thought on New Years Day 2004 when it was just me and Andi fumbling around with a Yahoo group, that we would in 3 years have almost 600 members interested in ceramic beads, a website, and an excellent community of artists working together? I am in awe and am so proud to be a part of the group!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Hi Melanie - I was just cruising around some of my old glass bead sites, and remembered doing a great swap with you for some of your beautiful work.. and came over to be wowed by all you've been doing lately! That's so awesome!

    I really like the additions - big buttons, foot scrubbers, neat word beads... and I'm wondering if those ornaments would be too big to wear as necklaces - I like the celtic knot and spirals :)

    I'm not working with glass beads much anymore, but I'm getting more into knitting work, and am doing a podcast about it - think I'm going to mention your buttons, 'cause they rock! http://podcast.christagiles.com has the info about it, if you're interested in checking it out!

    Great to hear the Beads Of Clay group is going huge.. I remember being so inspired by the early members of that group! Way cool!

    Anyway, that's lots.. I'm wordy late at night :) Happy 2007!