December 15, 2006

PMC Playtime

Now that my shows are done and my orders are shipped out (they will be as of this afternoon) I now have some time to play! I have really been wanting to play with beading and I also have some PMC (precious metal clay) to fool around with.

The pieces shown above is a few years old, the first and only PMC and porcelain piece of any substance I have made. I found the material hard to work with but I still love the possibilities. I have always thought it would be better used as an accent for me, instead of the whole structure. PMC can be thinned down into slip and painted on, and it can also be fired right onto fired clay, so I want to think if it almost like a glaze

So I am going to fire an experiment today that should be exciting. I had a kiln mishap earlier this week and have some overfired porcelain bisque that is otherwise wasted, as it is too vitrified to be glazed at this point in my usual manner. So I am going to paint the PMC on and see what it does. I hope to post some pictures tomorrow...

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