December 22, 2006

Peaceful Thoughts

I have been busy working on jewelry projects to submit to bead magazines. I had a big wave of creativity and made a bunch of designs over the past couple of weeks. Most of them were made specifically for presenting to specific magazines and they are pending approval so I don't' feel like I can share them yet. The one above I haven't decided on yet, so I figured I can post it. I love to have pictures for my blog entries!

One project proposal I was working on yesterday was for was really strange to be working on something and feeling 3 months behind. I don't do a lot of holiday/seasonal things, but I make an exception for Halloween...such a fun holiday.

Now it is time to move onto the current holidays. I can't believe christmas is only in a couple of days. We haven't had the snow that we usually get so it doesn't feel really christmassy to me. I am looking forward to visiting with family and friends, and having a chilled out holiday.

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  1. hi melanie...thanks for checking out our blog...we are having lots of fun with what yuo've been doing with PMC it looks great...